For you to enjoy your new SMUGS for years to come we´ve put together a few tips on how to best care for your shoes

Use Shoe Horns. Ensures that the back of the shoe is kept intact, always use shoe horns when putting shoes on.

Store your SMUGS neatly. To prevent your shoes from being wrinkled or smushed store your SMUGS neatly, and preferably with shoe trees. Shoe trees made with cedar tree also absorb moisture and freshen the shoes.

Regular Maintenance. Check your shoes before putting them away, wipe canvas and tweed if dirty with a soft cloth and mild soap if necessary. Suede should be brushed with a rubber brush. Also clean the rubber sole if dirty.

Never use the same pair of shoes in consecutive days. This goes for all shoes and is probably the most important tips, especially for shoes with leather lining - let them dry. This will not only make your shoes last longer, but will also eliminate most smelly issues. 



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