Shoes are the Ultimate Accessory

In the world of fashion, learning how to accessorize is not just suggested, it’s mandated. In fact, many in the world of style would consider smart accessorizing to be the crème de la crème of sophistication. Why is this? Well anyone and everyone needs to know how to dress themselves. Yet there is something unexpected and clever that comes with smart accessorizing, it demonstrates to everyone a level of care and consideration that merely dressing well doesn’t.

Here at SMUGS, we merge style and comfort, and we want you to be able wear your loafers with an unquestionable level of street savviness. Below we list some of our premier recommendations for proper accessorizing with your new pair of SMUGS.  

Compliment The first rule of accessorizing requires you to consider your primary clothing choices and deciding how your accessory is going to “engage” or “react” to what else you decide to wear. One way you can do this is with accessory compliments, that is, using your pair of SMUGS to highlight the color or pattern scheme of your other attire. By using a pair of bright SMUGS with a bright outfit you illustrate to the world a daring, bold, and adventurous personality. Using subtle hues can help you accomplish a more subdued and professional image.  

Contrast If complimenting your clothing is one option, than the other must be using accessories to contrast. How do we do this? We use scarves, umbrellas, and yes, shoes, to demonstrate a break from the color and pattern palate of the rest of our appearance. The benefits of style contrast are numerous, a well contrasted attire and accessory combo demonstrate an individual who dresses and walks with confidence and grace.   We make SMUGS for the fashion forward individual, and knowing how you can use your loafers to compliment or contrast your clothing will make all the difference!

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